Troy MI Facilities Management

Troy, Michigan is known as a dynamic community and a great place to live and work – and Troy was named one of “America’s Top 10 Cities for Families” by Family Circle Magazine. RNA Facilities Management is proud to provide Security Services, Janitorial Services, Light Construction Services and Food Service for facilities in Troy – whether they are medical or educational campuses, residential complexes, commercial properties or industrial assets.

Security Services for Troy MI Facilities

RNA Facilities Management’s Security Services provides highly trained, uniformed security officers to help keep your facility safer, as well as electronic security devices to give your facility total coverage with fire detection and intrusion detection. We can work with you to design and install a centralized security system with total monitoring from a centralized security desk and remote access.

Our reliable security officers perform in-house foot patrol, security vehicle patrols, and emergency services. We also offer secure cash/property transport, safety and emergency escorts, electronic fire protection and more – and our uniformed guards help create a visible deterrent to crime. Plus, RNA works with local crime prevention programs in Troy and other communities we serve to promote a safer environment for everyone.

Janitorial Services for Facilities in Troy

RNA’s Janitorial Services create a positive and professional first impression on your visitors with an immaculate facility, and also help promote a healthier environment. We’ve developed a Clean Excellence Model using “green friendly” but highly effective cleaning products. And we’ve worked with disease control experts to devise a disinfecting system that helps stop the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria, such as the Swine Flu virus.

Light Construction Services for Troy MI Facilities

RNA’s Light Construction professionals can handle all of your light construction, repair or installation projects. Need painting, carpentry, appliance installation or similar work done at your facility? RNA’s Light Construction team can do all that, plus perform light fixture repair or replacement, drywall repair, outlet installation or repair, fences, indoor or outdoor painting, carpet replacement and much more.

Food Service for Facilities in Troy

For vending machines, occasional catering or cafeteria staff for your facility, RNA is the facilities management company to choose. Our friendly Food Service team has great menu selections and an excellent track record of cleanliness and attractive food presentation. Our vending machines are clean, modern, well-stocked and energy-efficient to save you money!

RNA Facilities Management will work with your Troy, MI business or organization to provide excellent Security, Janitorial, Light Construction or Food Service at reasonable prices. Call 1.877.RNA.7511 (1.877.762.7511)