Los Angeles County is comprised of the largest population of any county in the entire nation. With more than 10.4 million residents living throughout the county there is no doubt that this 4,084 square-mile area is jam packed with businesses who need janitorial services and need them done fast! Which is exactly why RNA Janitorial is here.

RNA Janitorial is the only fast pace janitorial service provider that provides quality cleans with eco-friendly products. With our team’s many years of janitorial experience, we are confident when we say that our professionals are the best at what they do. Not only do we cater to your needs and lifestyle with each individual service we provide, but we also work by a companywide standard that continually makes our services the most efficient, most effective and most affordable on the market.

This standard is based on our decision to take a holistic approach to cleaning, meaning we are Green Clean certified to clean your space using only the best, most environmentally-friendly products. From there our standard is met by our Excellence Model, which, since 1991, has proved to be one of the most efficient and effective methods around. And finally, our standard is classified by our consideration of you and your business in everything we do!

We go above and beyond in our services because we know how important it is to know that the company you are hiring for your janitorial services is one that you can count on. Our company is bonded and insured company for this exact reason. So you can feel good about the people you have working for you!  That’s the RNA Difference.

Contact us today to find out how you can get our 30-day guarantee, and see why we are the commercial janitorial service LA County trusts. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to better serve your needs!