Commercial Janitorial Services

Employees and guests appreciate an immaculate environment which quickly establishes a positive image for your facility. We continually strive to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, professional cleaning service designed to meet and exceed the individual expectations of our clients.

RNA has developed a Clean Excellence Model based on our knowledge and experience. Our attention to detail and eagerness to please are the founding principles we stand by. Here at RNA we value each and every client, whether utilizing our services for a one-time cleaning or daily up-keep. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Snow Removal Services

Why not let the experts you trust to clean the inside of your home or business, clean the outside too?
While Michigan doesn’t have record-breaking snowfalls, we all know that once it arrives, it likes to stay. That is why you need the snow removal services that Ann Arbor can count on.

Janitorial Supplies

You spend most of your life indoors, why not make it a healthy place to be? Exposed to allergens, dust and dirt, a deep, thorough clean can prolong the life of your floors, furniture, and create an environment where you, your employees, and your family are sick less often.

Redefining Full Service Facilities Management

We understand that maintaining a facility is a complex job, many faceted and full of surprises. From cleanliness to safety, to health hazards, so many problems can emerge, and you need a company who can stop them in their tracks. That is why we are dedicated to being efficient, effective, and experienced in all areas of facility management, so we can be prepared for anything life throws our way.

This experience and professionalism extends from your janitorial services to vending services to even security services and snow removal, and our dedication to excellence infiltrates everything we do. We take pride in our staff, and they take pride in what they do.

Construction Services

Our construction team performs a wide variety of projects. We employ only the most skilled craftsmen with extensive experience to provide you with the best resources. Our experienced professionals are licensed and insured.

Our people are known for their attention to detail, dedication, and timeliness. We provide customer-focused solutions no matter how schedule-intensive. We can take on new construction, repair and replacement, or finish-out projects. Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with you and your organization. When you call RNA, you can be sure that our record of excellence will translate to your light construction project. You will receive personable service from our honest and prompt team.