Janitorial Services

Employees and guests appreciate an immaculate environment which quickly establishes a positive image for your facility. We continually strive to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, professional cleaning service designed to meet and exceed the individual expectations of our clients.

RNA has developed a Clean Excellence Model based on our knowledge and experience. Our attention to detail and eagerness to please are the founding principles we stand by. Here at RNA we value each and every client, whether utilizing our services for a one-time cleaning or daily up-keep. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Our established buying power offers you substantial savings on products and services, whether you have regional or local operations.

No surprises, you tell us what you expect, and our pricing is based on meeting those expectations. You’ll learn ways to reduce unnecessary costs plus get a fair price for our services. You can be confident that the price you pay is value driven.

We believe in presenting a professional work staff at all times, which means our employees will always be in identifiable uniforms with name badges.

Janitorial Supplies

You spend most of your life indoors, why not make it a healthy place to be? Exposed to allergens, dust, and dirt, a deep, thorough clean can prolong the life of your floors, furniture, and create an environment where you, your employees, and your family are sick less often.

Green Clean Certified

We take a holistic approach to facility cleaning and maintenance that provides health benefits and satisfaction to making the facility and community of business a safe and better place. We do this by only using environmentally-friendly ingredients and chemicals.

Clean Excellence Model

Since 1991, we have developed our own methodology of cleaning that has proven to be both efficient and effective. We continue to refine this method to ensure that our reputation in cleaning goes above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Considering Your Health and Wellness

RNA has sought the consultation of experts in the field of disease control in response to the increased rate of illness from various viruses in the United States. Because of the evolving challenges in the world we live in, R.N.A. devised a disinfecting system to help limit the spread of Swine Flu and other various viruses to help make your businesses and communities a safer place to live.

If you are seeking assurances that your facility is provided the appropriate disinfection, feel free to contact one of our trained experts at your convenience. Our staff will provide you with a detailed overview of current cleaning and disinfecting paradigms, as well as how our services can be tailored to suit the particular needs of your facility.

Redefining Full Service Facilities Management

We understand that maintaining a facility is a complex job, many-faceted and full of surprises. From cleanliness to safety, to health hazards, so many problems can emerge, and you need a company who can stop them in their tracks. That is why we are dedicated to being efficient, effective, and experienced in all areas of facility management, so we can be prepared for anything life throws our way.

This experience and professionalism extend from your janitorial services to vending services to even security services and snow removal, and our dedication to excellence infiltrates everything we do. We take pride in our staff, and they take pride in what they do.

Skilled Trades

Our team performs a wide variety of projects. We employ only the most skilled craftsmen with extensive experience to provide you with the best resources. Our experienced professionals are licensed and insured.

Our people are known for their attention to detail, dedication, and timeliness. We provide customer-focused solutions no matter how schedule-intensive. We can take on new construction, repair, and replacement, or finish-out projects. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you and your organization. When you call RNA, you can be sure that our record of excellence will translate to your light construction project. You will receive personable service from our honest and prompt team.

Our project scope includes:

  • Carpet replacement
  • Indoor and outdoor Painting
  • Drywall repair
  • Carpentry
  • Fences
  • Tile installation/repair/replacement
  • Light fixture installation/repair/replacement
  • Outlet installation/repair/replacement
  • Window AC/Electric Heater Installation
  • Electrical panel repair
  • Appliance replacement
  • Exhaust fan installation/repair/replacement


Quality Standards

The effect that a well-maintained facility has can be truly astounding. Keeping it safe, clean and healthy in a way that is both timely and within your budget is how our quality standards exceed others’ in the field. We custom tailor solutions to fit your facility’s needs and your budget while exceeding your expectations.

Client Satisfaction

We would be nothing without our clients. From brand new prospects to old clients who have become friends, we treat each one with the respect, patience, and understanding they deserve. Our open lines of communication and double check systems are in place so that we can guarantee your satisfaction and make you a returning customer.

Commercial Landscaping Services

The exterior of your building sets the stage for what visitors can expect from the inside of your building. Why not make a great first impression? RNA’s landscaping services can help keep your grounds looking professionally maintained all year round. RNA can customize a landscaping plan to fit your needs and budget, so get in touch today and see how we can put our team to work for you.

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Services

Why not let the experts you trust to clean the inside of your home or business, clean the outside too? While Michigan doesn’t have record-breaking snowfalls, we all know that once it arrives, it likes to stay. That is why you need the snow removal services that Ann Arbor can count on.

A Quality You Can Count On

Efficient, quick to respond, and with our eye on the radar, we know when a big storm is coming, and we are always prepared. Improperly removed snow can lead to property damage, lawsuits and so much more, so don’t wait to get the services you need. With years of experience and a dedication to a quality job, RNA Janitorial knows how to make surfaces spotless. Whether that is your floor, your counters, or your parking lot, we have what it takes to stand up to Michigan winters.

24/7 Service

When snow falls, you don’t want your removal service to be far behind. That is why we take care of everything. Knowing weather patterns and always paying attention to what’s going on, both on the news and outside, we are out there at the first sign of a snowstorm, no matter the time of day or night. There’s no need to worry, when RNA is on your side.

Dedication to Customer Service

From start to finish, we are a company that cares about our clients, their success and their needs. This dedication to customer service does not stop at the door, it penetrates everything we do, and that includes our snow removal services. We are there when you need us, giving you the quality service you’d expect, so contact us today and see how we can have you covered this winter.

Professional Painting Services

At RNA Facilities Management, we aren’t just concerned with cleaning your home or business. We’re looking to help you maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your space, which includes services like painting. If you need painting services for your home or office, contact us today! Whether you just need another coat of paint to tidy things up or a whole new color to re-invent your space, we’re ready with advice, knowledge, and expertise. We’re just as dedicated to serving your painting needs as we are your cleaning needs.

Our experienced team members will show up on time and in uniform to your residence or business so you know exactly who we are. We’ll plan the entire operation around your hours, so you don’t have to lose valuable time by getting painting done during business hours. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so from the minute you contact us we’ll be sure to provide you with top customer service and quality work that meets your needs.

Since 1991, we have developed our own methodology of painting that has proven to be both efficient and effective. We continue to refine this method to ensure that our reputation in painting goes above and beyond our client’s expectations.

The RNA Difference

24/7 Customer Service: That’s right, we’re available to clean anytime all the time!

Innovative Equipment and Products: We maintain the highest industry standards and are constantly expanding our team’s education with the most innovative new products and systems.

100% Bonded and Insured: We are completely bonded and insured for your protection!

Health Focused Cleaning: Our system reduces the spread of illness and disease. Additionally, all of our products are completely safe. We are dedicated to keeping your body healthy in every way!

Customized Plans: If you need a specific cleaning plan then we are able to create something totally customized for your needs.

Special Service Options: We offer specific cleaning methods to take care of your carpets, hard-floors, or other special areas.

Professional Team: Our team is highly trained and has years of experience. Each and every one is qualified for even the most difficult jobs!

Reduces Cross-Contamination: Our team is trained and certified in the most up-to-date methods to reduce cross contamination. We work hard to keep you completely healthy.

School Bus Transportation

Getting students to school safely and efficiently is of vital importance. RNA Facilities Management can work with you to create a custom transportation plan that is specific to your community. No matter what you school transportation needs are, you can trust RNA to do the job right.
Get in touch to find out more about how to partner with us.